Wednesday , 29 March 2017
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Misrata council says it is still in charge as city survives militia attack

Misratan members of the House of Representatives and the State Council as well as the city’s mayor Mohamed Eshtewi and councillors have warned of growing divisions between moderates and hardliners in the city. However, they have also reassured residents that the council remains fully in control, telling them to ignore …

War drums heard in Libyan capital as rival governments mobilise their fighters

The clashes in Tripoli have continued and grew rougher on Wednesday morning. According to different sources, the forces and fighters of the rival government “National Salvation Government” (NSG) which are positioned in Qusoor Al-Siyafa (Guest Palaces) in downtown Tripoli clashed in the first hours of Wednesday with the armed groups …

Libya State Council calls to exclude vital installations from political conflicts

The Supreme State Council of Libya yesterday called on the international community and the United Nations to help the Government of National Accord protect vital installations from political and military conflicts in the country.

LNA claims its retreat has stopped at Al-Uqaylah

The Libyan National Army is putting a brave face on its ouster by the Benghazi Defence Brigades from the oil export terminals at Sidra and Ras Lanuf.  It is reported to be concentrating forces around Brega while it holds the frontline further west at Al-Uqaylah.  In the course of the …