Wednesday , 23 August 2017

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Rape, enslavement and murder: The daily realities for refugees in Libya fleeing war and persecution

Rape, torture and slavery are among the daily realities for refugees in Libya fleeing war and persecution, according to a new report led by Oxfam. The report comes as aid agencies accuse the EU of “wilfully letting people drown in the Mediterranean” by imposing a new code of conduct on …

Haftar wants Egypt to help him deter Italy’s intervention in Libya

Egyptian Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Hijazy and the commander of Operation Dignity forces, Khalifa Haftar, held meetings in Cairo over the last two days and they were focused on demanding Egypt to have a role in deterring Italy from giving a military supportive role for the Government of National Accord …

Wehda Hospital in besieged Derna confirms receiving medical supplies

Wehda Hospital in the besieged city of Derna in eastern Libya has received a copy of the order of the Omar Al-Mukhtar Operations Room of Dignity Operation that allows supply of medicines and medical equipment to the hospital, the Head Director Mansour Ben Fayed said in a statement.