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ISIL killed over 150 in Libya’s Sirte in 4 days

Some 150 to 200 people have been killed in the northern Libyan city of Sirte since Tuesday in a battle between ISIL Takfiri terrorists and local gunmen, an official says.

“A real massacre is taking place, and we call on the international community to intervene,” the Libyan ambassador to France, Chibani Abuhamoud, told AFP on Friday, adding that the clashes erupted after the ISIL assassinated Khalid bin Rajab Ferjani, a Muslim prayer leader, from the influential al-Ferjani tribe at the beginning of the week.

The terrorists have since been “massacring people, even killing people in their homes,” he further said.

The Tripoli-based English-language news website Libya Herald also reported that Daesh Takfiris captured Sirte Residential District No. 3 on Friday and started executing young men in the area, mainly members of the al-Ferjani tribe.

The news website said a source at city’s Ibn Sina hospital confirmed the arrival of the bodies.

There are also reports and photos of people who have been crucified and decapitated by the group in the city.

It has been widely reported that those who are fighting Daesh in Sirte have nothing more than Kalashnikovs as their weapon, while the terrorist group has heavy weaponry.

According to Libya Herald, ISIL positions in the restive city were heavily bombarded for half an hour on Friday evening in an operation that is not characteristic of the Libyan Air Force.

The Takfiri group has threatened to use chemical gas against Sirte’s citizens unless attacks against it stop. They also said that the residents of a neighborhood in northern Sirte who are working in the police, the judiciary, and the financial sector must pledge allegiance to the group or face death.

Libya has two rival governments vying for the control of the country, with one faction controlling Tripoli, and the other, Libya’s internationally recognized government, governing the cities of Bayda and Tobruk.

Libyan factions have so far failed to reach an agreement that could lead to the formation of a unity government despite holding several rounds of UN-mediated talks in recent months.

ISIL, which already controls parts of Iraq and Syria, has exploited the chaos in Libya and tries to advance its terror agenda in the northern African war-torn country.

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