Saturday , 29 February 2020
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Another case of gang rape surfaces in Libya

The security authorities in the city of Sirte in Libya revealed for the first time the details of a gang rape of a woman that took place in her home in front of her husband.

The woman was assaulted and photographed, before she was blackmailed in exchange for not publishing the video.

The Libyan authorities added that they were able to arrest the wanted men following this crime that shook the city of Sirte, after raiding the area of Garf south of the city, without revealing the date of the incident.

“The detainees raped the victim, took some of her gold jewleries and asked her husband for 35,000 dinars for not publishing the video,” the battalion said in a statement posted on its Facebook page Wednesday night.

This is not the first gang rape case in Libya, as an armed gang attacked a Libyan lady last May in the capital Tripoli after abducting her, in an incident that sparked an uproar after the release of a video clip documenting the details of the rape.

This followed another video that spread in December last year of a Libyan woman being raped in an armed militia camp in Al-Awashir area, east of the capital city Tripoli.

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