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Libya, what after the National Conference?

The United Nations Envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, told Al-Jazeera TV, on Wednesday, that the current conflict in Libya is on the wealth and not ideological dispute. He added that the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) doesn’t differentiate between the Libyan factions that abuse the humanitarian law.

Salame accused ten countries of intervening in the Libyan issues, clarifying that he had asked the Secretary-General of the United Nations to deal with them through the Security Council.

Salame stressed that he was the one who had selected his deputy, Stephanie Williams, denying that the Italians or the Americans appointed her.

About the Libyan National Conference, which will be held in April, Salame stated that it would represent the Libyans because it would be in favour of Libya and Libyan citizens not for the politicians.

On some other side, observers said that the preparations for the National Conference are the same as the last preparations for the previous session of Skhirat meeting in December 2015. The observers clarified that the two scenes are the same. Both, under the same supervision, to gather the same factions despite the differences in the titles.

The same story is repeated, as in 2015 preparations no one of the factions knew anything about what they would sign about because the former UN envoy, Bernardino Leon, hadn’t prepared the agreement. The same thing is happening now because Salame had said nothing about the agreement or the expectations.

Tens of meetings, after that, had gathered only two personalities, the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, and the Army leader, General Khalifa Haftar. The two figures are not representing the two conflicting bodies, the House of Representatives (HoR) and the State Council.

In 2015, the bilateral meeting gathered a representative from the HoR and another one from the General National Congress (GNC) leading about thirty persons.

In 2015 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) appeared in the scene as the main actor but actually behind the scene, because Leon was promised by the UAE to be appointed as the manager of an important diplomatic institution for high wages.

For now, the UAE appeared in the scene when it supervised the meeting between Al-Sarraj and Haftar in Abu-Dhabi to prepare for the coming National meeting. The difference this time is that Abu-Dhabi had worked openly not behind the scene. But the only hidden thing was what the two personalities talked or agreed on.

From his side, Haftar announced that his target was to attack Tripoli to rule it after he had attacked the southern side of Libya to make himself the most critical side who should be considered in any upcoming talks about dividing the Libyan cake.

The current situation is not clear for the Libyans, and the nature of the National Meeting is still mysterious. Furthermore, the outcomes of the next meeting are unpredicted for the media and even for the participants.

Many activists and observers are raising the question of “where the Libyan political situation would go after the meeting?”

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