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Nearly two years after liberation, Libya at a crossroads

EDITOR’S NOTE: William Wheeler, recipient of the first annual GroundTruth reporting fellowship in theMiddle East, is now on assignment in Libya.Today he begins a series of guest posts for this blog and will soon be filing a GlobalPost Special Report on Libya’s struggle to forge a democracy in the smoldering aftermath of the Arab Spring.

As a journalist with a good ear for the Arab street, Wheeler was chosen for the $10,000 reporting grant in large part because he embodies the spirit of ‘ground truth’ and the attributes of some of its greatest adherents, including the New York Times’ Anthony Shadid, who died on assignment in Syria, and the American reporter for the Sunday Times of London, Marie Colvin, who was killed in a rocket attack in Syria. Like Shadid and Colvin, Wheeler is all about being there on the ground and taking the measure of a big and complex story in simple, human terms. The GroundTruth reporting fellowship is funded by the Correspondents Fund. 

TRIPOLI, Libya — A few days ago I returned to Tripoli to find what is, in many ways, a very different city than the one I last saw in the weeks after its liberation. On the surface, things look better.

Article by William Wheeler, Global Post.

This article was originally published here.

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