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Opinion: Power cut at Prime Minister’s office!

Just before 1.30 pm today, and only minutes before the new official government spokesperson made his debut and read out his pre-prepared statement regarding the multi-explosions of cars on the airport road, there was a power cut at the Prime Minister’s office.

Unsurprisingly, this aroused much loud and humorous comment and debate by the gathering media in view of the long statement made by the Electricity Minister at Sunday’s press conference.

However, the jovial banter was brought to an abrupt end as the generator kicked in and electric power was restored.

It would have been a good story to report that there was a power cut at the Prime Minister’s office during a press conference – in view of the power cuts that the general public have been suffering. But the government’s blushes were saved by their generator.

Electric generators are not a new thing to Libyans, as many homes and businesses have had to purchase one since the revolution. And it seems that despite all the efforts of the government to guarantee electric supply over Ramadan, the only guarantee to having electric power in Libya today is by having a generator.

Even if you are the Prime Minister’s office!

I know this is no consolation to the many Libyans suffering lengthy power cuts these days – but it may make some Libyans sweltering in the heat feel better to know that even the Prime Minister’s office is not immuned!

Article by Sami Zaptia, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.


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