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Libyan bloggers address security concerns

Libyan bloggers are seeking solutions to security problems faced by their country.

On his blog, Mahamd Zaroug criticises the government’s failure to preserve the rule of law.

“Many legal abuses and sins are taking place in my country such as murders, kidnappings, torture, arrests, rape, theft at all levels and corruption among everyone, politicians and citizens alike,” Zaroug writes. “Religion also continues to be exploited to serve political goals.”

In Zaroug’s view, the time has come to enforce the law and restore security, in order to establish a civil state where democracy is practiced, the rights of the weak are protected and private and public properties are respected.

LibyanSpring blogger Mohamed Abdellah Chibani writes that the war that once pinned people against the Kadhafi regime has become a cold war now raging between the sons of one nation, where weapons are widespread and the government is unable to control them.

“The factors and features of this war are crystal clear,” he writes. “Any armed teenager, and there are many of them, unfortunately, is living proof of the existence of this war.”

Anyone, the blogger writes, has “weapons and ammunition he can use in any given hour and wherever he wants”. “He can also keep a strategic stockpile to repel his potential enemies, including the law and the government, of course.”

Other bloggers are proposing solutions to save their country.

Poet and writer Ramez Enwesri’s blog highlights the shock brought with the division of Libya.

“We used to say Libya is one and will never be divided, that we didn’t have different races or sects that could cut the bonds of Libyan people, that we would never turn into another Somalia or Iraq, but what happened is worse,” he writes in “mellakheer“.

“We are dealing with self-hatred,” he notes on his blog. “Suddenly all old feuds came alive, whoever holds a weapon becomes a ghoul who readily cuts off oil pipelines, closes airports, shuts off water and electricity, and has no regrets spilling blood.”

In Enewesri’s opinion, “Libyans must regain self-confidence and have faith in their ability to impose change in order to reach the noble goal of building the new Libya.”

“Believing in this capability makes us review our thoughts and abandon negativity and look at things more positively,” he writes. “This change is what will pull Libya out of the circle of darkness and into the circle of light.”

Amrooni” blogs: “Kadhafi oppressed us and we hated him, because we hate oppression. We were jailed and we hated him, because we are for freedom.”

“We must recognise our differences and get to know the ‘other’, building Libya will require constructive dialogue,” the journalist adds. “All parties must engage in an exchange of ideas, share aspirations, and find solutions to the fundamental problems of the country.”

Article by Monia Ghanmi, Magharebia.

This article was originally published here.

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