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Libya Set to Order Border Security Equipment

The defence ministry appears close to buying sophisticated  static and mobile equipment that can be used to protect Libya’s borders.

The ministry’s spokesman Abdul-Razak Ali Shahabi said today that contracts were being drawn up with a number of foreign companies able to supply these security devices. He gave no idea of the cost of the equipment.

Shahabi said that Defence Minister Abdullah Al-Thini had met yesterday a number of British firms that specialise in border protection. He had been given a detailed presentation of an integrated programme that would use the latest technology and procedures to secure the country’s borders.

Shahabi said that Libya had agreements with its neighbours, particularly Egypt and Sudan, for the formation of joint border protection forces. He made a point of denying that there were any foreign aircraft patrolling Libyan airspace, pointing out that the NATO mandate had expired.

Speaking to reporters at the chief of staff’s headquarters, Shahabi also repeated calls for tribes to hand over heavy weapons, to permit the armed forces to extend security throughout the country and provide stability for all citizens.

Article by Ashraf Abdul Wahab, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.

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