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Benghazi to deploy security cameras

Benghazi plans to install a surveillance system to help improve security.

“The measures whether technical, administrative or financial require some time, but we will start mounting this system within a month in order to provide security services the capability of implementing security in Benghazi,” Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Interior Minister Sidiq Abdelkarim announced on Sunday (September 22nd).

In his press briefing, he also offered updates on various investigations, including the US mission attack and the targeted assassinations of more than 60 military and police officials.

Security service had gathered “evidence identifying several suspects linked particularly to assassinations in the city of Benghazi”.

“Security services are receiving a lot of support from peer agencies from friendly countries, especially the United States of America,” the minister said.

“Arrest warrants will be issued for confirmed suspects; otherwise they will be released. Law and justice have the final say on these issues,” Prime Minister Ali Zidan said.

In a separate interview, Prime Minister Ali Zidan discussed the Benghazi security crisis and the latest in the investigation on the September 11, 2012 attack on the US mission in Benghazi.

“Ambassador Chris was a friend to most politicians here and what happened to him was horrible and unacceptable,” Zidan told Magharebia. “He was with us since the beginning of the revolution in Benghazi.”

“Many people grieved his death and the issue is very important for all Libyans because he helped them while many were betraying them,” Zidan added. “All Libyans are concerned with the investigation of the murder of Chris and bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

According to Brnieq political reporter Moataz Mojbri, the recent bombing of the Libyan foreign ministry aimed to put international pressure on Zidan’s government.

He noted that the September 11th, Benghazi bombing that demolished a foreign ministry building aimed at “openly challenging the United States, with Zidan reaping the consequences”.

Tripoli journalist Salem Almsahla also noted the global interest in Libya.

“Libya is the main storehouse of weapons and money,” Almahla said. “That is why the situation of Libya is under the scrutiny of the international community, because of its impact on peace and stability in the region,” he added.

For her part, Nora Barasi, a 22-year-old college student, said, “Why can’t we have authorities working to implement security in the city of Benghazi? People should co-operate; otherwise, they will be killed one after the other.”

Fathi Ali, a Tripoli grocer said, “Deploy cameras or deploy other staff, the important thing is for Benghazi to be safe. We are waiting to see criminals tried so they can serve as an example. If matters are dealt with in secrecy then people will definitely be apprehensive.”

Article by Essam Mohamed, Magharebia.

This article was originally published here.

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