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Top News: Heavy Fighting Rocks Libyan Capital as Rival Militias Battle

Rival militiamen battled each other for several hours with anti-aircraft guns and grenades throughout the capital on Thursday, following reports that the commander of the Misrata Nosoor Battalion, Nuri Friwan, had passed away from injuries from an earlier incident at a Tripoli checkpoint.

Two people were killed and several others wounded in the worst violence Tripoli has seen in months. Clashes struck several buildings, including the Radisson hotel, forcing guests to relocate to the basement. As fighting spread, several residents took up arms in search of the attackers and some set up checkpoints to stop more militiamen from entering the city. Head of the Supreme Security Committee Hashim Bishr denied the spread of fighting, saying it was taking place only in the Shara al-Shatt area. The LANA news agency reports that Tripoli’s Joint Security Operations Room is demanding that members of the Nosoor Battalion involved in attacking and wounding checkpoint guards be arrested.

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