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More Benghazi killings dampen revolution celebrations

Two more people have been murdered in political killings in the past day in Benghazi, throwing showdow over what were already muted celebrations to mark the thirds anniversary of the revolution.

A former member of the Qaddafi-era External Security Service was murdered in Benghazi last night.

Sanad Attiatallah Eddressi was shot and killed by unknown gunmen outside his home in the city’s Ard Zwawa district at midnight, spokesman for Benghazi Joint Security Room Ibrahim Sharaa, told the Libya Herald. A  companion who was travelling with him, Mohamed Ali Al-Jalali, was also critically injured by the gunmen who then sped off.

Dresi’s body was taken to Benghazi Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival. He was 37 years old.

This afternoon, at around 4pm, a member of the  1st Infantry Brigade’s rapid response unit Hussein Al-Fezzani was shot dead in the poorer-income Wahayshi area.

Commenting on the killings, Sharaa said there was little in the way of celebrations in the city to mark today’s anniversary of the 2011 revolution. He claimed that there were protestors against Congress continuing in office than revolution celebrants. “How can we celebrate when people are dying,” he was reported to say.

Article by Noora Ibrahim, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.

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