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Libya reinforces commitment to peace and security at EU-Africa Summit

Libya’s message yesterday at the EU-Africa Summit in Brussels was to reinforce its commitment to peace and stability in both the country and the region.

Deputy Foreign Minister, Abdel-Razaq Al-Gradi who, with General National Congress (GNC) deputy Ezzeldine Awami headed the Libya delegation, stressed Libya’s commitment to peace and security. This, he said, was a basic principal for building the new Libyan state.

Gradi expressed gratitude to the EU and UN for their help and support to Libya and for their role in the activation of the African System for Peace and Security, according to a statement released by the Libyan embassy in Brussels yesterday.

He also thanked Niger for handing over of some of the regime-era figures who fled there after the revolution.

Gradi also referred to what he termed the escalating situation in the Sahel and Sahara regions and stressed the importance of  co-operation in combating the existing challenges. He added that this would be supported through increasing the extent of partnerships between the EU and the African Union.

On behalf of Libya, he also expressed gratitude and appreciation to all the states that supported the UN Security Council’s resolution concerning Libyan oil and combating incidents of sea piracy.

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