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Libyan bloggers fear for future

Libyan bloggers are writing about their fears for their country if authorities fail to end the chaos.

Blogger Mohamed Egmia writes that the escalation of clashes between armed groups “will be an indication of a civil war igniting that no one will survive, and where the only loser would be Libya and its people”.

The blogger accuses members of the outgoing General National Congress (GNC) of causing division and strife, after their failure to find solutions to end the crisis.

“The current national congress and their degree of manic attachment to power at any cost, in addition to failing in all the duties entrusted to it, have made its continued existence a threat to the country, to security and social peace,” Egmia says.

He calls on fighting factions to “head to the General Congress, not with arms but as civilians in order to exempt the leaders and members of congress from their duties”.

“Libyans must appoint people more prudent and wise to manage the affairs of their country,” Egmia writes.

For his part, blogger Chokri Midi says: “Continued infighting would eliminate the language of dialogue and aggravate the problems of the country more and more, to the point of failure to treat and curb the crisis.”

The product of this repeat experience “can only be death squads”, he writes.

Over at the “Libyan Spring” blog, Mohamed Abdullah Shebani also takes issue with Libya’s continued infighting.

“The state of despair and pessimism due to the current violence has begun to dominate the lives of most Libyans and affects the future of the country and the chances of achieving democracy,” Shebani says.

Under the headline “dispersed hearts, a harsh interface, a black hole”, he criticises the gloomy picture painted by top officials whose “scattered hearts are racing harder, the closer we get to the top”.

Shebani calls on the parties “to end division and to seek arbitration in order to stop the shedding of Libyan blood and to stop the cycle of fighting, in order to restore optimism and security to Libyan cities”.

The blogger calls on moderates with access to leaders of radical Islamist movements to “push them to review their calculations and to steer Libya away from the current round of blood and gunpowder”.

He goes on to warn that Libya faces the same future as Somalia or Iraq unless moderates take action to curb the violence.

“This round is leading Libya to a black hole, where at the top of this crater we see countries burning and crashing every day,” Shebani says.

Blogger Ahlam El Bedri is more optimistic.

“Haftar’s military operations against radical groups prove that Libyans refuse terrorism and extremism and support the building of the army and police in the country,” she writes.

“People have come out and agreed ‘No to terrorism, yes to the army and police’, some cannot accept that these are the demands of the people and have nothing to do with Haftar or another,” she adds.

Article by Monia Ghanmi, Magharebia.

This article was originally published here.

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