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Joint Statement by Special Envoys for Libya

The Special Envoys for Libya of the Arab League, the European Union, France, Germany,
Italy, Malta, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States met with the UN in Brussels
on 24 July to discuss recent developments in Libya and issued the following Statement:

“The situation in Libya is reaching a critical stage. We are deeply concerned about the
ongoing violence across the country and its humanitarian consequences.

We call for a ceasefire from all sides, even more as Eid is approaching. We appeal to all sides to demonstrate a willingness to compromise and hope that all parties will agree to enter into an inclusive political dialogue on the back of the ceasefire agreement. The International Community stands ready to support all efforts and to help respect the political process.

In this regard, the UN should play a leading role in reaching a ceasefire in conjunction with
the Libyan government and other internal partners, with the full support of the international envoys.

The Council of Representatives must have the opportunity to convene according to the time table set out in the law. We encourage the CoR to carry out its tasks in a spirit of
inclusiveness, moderation and in the interest of the country.

We remind the Libyan government of its responsibility in ensuring the safety of the missions of the International Community in Libya.

We call on international and regional stakeholders to continue to engage constructively and contribute to these aims.

We urge the International Community to remain fully engaged in support of the Libyan institutions and assist them throughout the transition.”

European Union External Action

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