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Libya disbands militias

Libya’s new House of Representatives voted in Tobruk on Wednesday (August 13th) to disband all militias formed after the 2011 revolution.

Earlier, the parliament voted in favour of requesting international help to restore security.

“After the deterioration of the security situation, which affected civilians and residential neighbourhoods and caused thousands of families to flee to Tunisia for fear, it became necessary to demand foreign intervention to protect civilians and state institutions,” MP Salem Al-Tikbali said.

The chief of police in Tripoli is the latest victim of the security crisis. Colonel Mohamed al-Souissi was killed Tuesday in the capital. Unknown gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at his vehicle and kidnapped two of his companions.

“The betrayed colonel participated before his death in a meeting with the municipal council for the district of Tajura to discuss the security situation in Tripoli and said he was in favour of Operation Dignity taking place in Benghazi,” the victim’s cousin, Mansour al-Souissi, told Magharebia.

“He condemned the ‘Libya Dawn’ operation, which blew up and destroyed the airport and the capital,” al-Souissi added.

Fighting between rival militias in Benghazi and the capital is taking a toll on civilians. As oil company employee Tarek Dakhil said, “Life has become virtually non-existent in Tripoli.”

“There is no water or electricity or telecommunications services or internet,” he said.

Elementary school teacher Amal Ali Hadar is among the Tripoli residents forced to flee their homes.

“Many residential neighbourhoods in Tripoli witnessed fierce shelling with Grad rockets and it became impossible to live there,” she told Magharebia.

“My family and I were barely able to get out of our house and now we live in an area outside Tripoli with relatives,” she said.

The young woman added: “All this destruction was caused by a power struggle between Misrata and Zintan.”

“Today, and after people elected the new parliament, the legitimate soldier is the one who complies with the decisions of the House of Representatives and the government,” lawyer Mohammed Omar said.

“Martyr Mohamed al-Souissi refused to join operation ‘Destruction of Libya’ (Tafjeer),” Omar said with derision. “For that, he was killed by a group of transgressors led by Misrata militias,” the lawyer added.

According to Tripoli merchant Jomaa Imran Faitouri, Libya needs help from its partners.

“Libya is in the hands of those bands and their supporters from the political currents that only care about their personal and regional interests,” he said.

“The House of Representatives has to request an international intervention to stop the fighting immediately, otherwise Libyan people will suffer heavy losses every day, between the dead and the displaced, until all of Libya and its wealth are under their control to serve their despicable goals,” Faitouri added.

Article by Aya Elbrqawi, Magharebia.

This article was originally published here.

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