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Arab League rejects HoR foreign intervention call

A senior Arab League official has criticised the call by the House of Representatives for foreign intervention to stem fighting between Libyan militias.

Arab countries should solve their problems without recourse to outsiders, said Fadel Mohammed Jawad, the League’s Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs. At the most, he said, they should only turn to other Arab states for assistance.

Jawad, who had attended the HoR inaugural meeting last week, said in a statement yesterday that the League was following events in Libya “with great interest and concern”. It deeply regretted the death and destruction caused by rival militias. He also revealed that the organisation had been discussing the crisis with Libya’s neighbours.

Even though he had condemned the new parliament’s call for foreign help, Jawad hailed it as a “major political step for the political process in Libya”. He went on to say that despite the protests of a small group of members that the House was meeting in Tobruk instead of Benghazi, the League accepted that it as legitimate.

He hoped the HoR, with the help of neighboring and other Arab countries, could establish peace in Libya.

Libya Herald

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