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Libya: Gunmen Storm HQ of Alassema TV and Kidnap its Crew

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The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) deprecates what the militias, which affiliated with “Fajr Libya” (Libya Dawn ) Group, did on Sunday dawn, August 24. The militias have stormed the headquarters of “Alassema TV” in Tripoli and abducted the workers, who had been there.

On Sunday, August 24, the militias of Fajr Libya Group raided the headquarters of “Alassema TV” in Tripoli, kidnapped its workers and damaged its contents. This move took place against the backdrop of the announcement that the channel aired. The announcement is about the Libyan Council of Representative’s decision of declaring “Fajr Libya Group” a terrorist group. At this point, the channel re-broadcasted the announcement on the Nilesat via the reserve broadcast room.

Noteworthy, it is not the first time that “Alassema TV” faces such harassments. At the beginning of 2014, it was bombed, its headquarters was stormed, its contents were torched and its chairman of the board, Juma’a Al-Assti, was assaulted.

“The target of media institutions and their workers, as the latter are regarded as part of the conflict in Libya, is a flagrant and egregious violations by all the conflicting party, against the right to free media and press. Such a matter hinders the journalists and media professionals to do their jobs in an efficient and safe manner,” ANHRI says.

ANHRI urges the Libyan authorities to provide the necessary protection for those who work in the media and press fields and to ensure their life and safety.

It also calls on all the conflicting parties in Libya to discontinue targeting the media professionals and journalists and to stop considering them as part in the current conflict in the country.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

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