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Omar Hassi nominates his rival government

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The prospect of Libya having two competing governments – one in Tobruk, the other in Tripoli – took a step closer to reality today when Omar Al-Hassi presented his “government” to the rump General National Congress.

Hassi, who was appointed at a meeting of just 20 members of the former Congress convoked by Nuri Abu Sahmain on 25 August, is reportedly by the Libyan news agency LANA to have submitted 16 names for designated ministries, plus three other others to which ministries have not attached.

The “ministers” are

  • Minister of Awqaf: Mohamed Issa
  • Minister of Culture: Yunis Issa
  • Minister of Economy: Suleiman Ojaili
  • Minister of Education: Ibrahim Makari
  • Minister of Finance: Abdulsalam Muntafi
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mohamed Agheirani
  • Minister of Higher Education: Adel Anibh
  • Minister of Industry: Muftah Al-Figi
  • Minister of Justice: Mustafa Galib
  • Minister of Information: Ali Huni
  • Minister of Labour: Mohamed Balkhair
  • Minister of Martyrs Saad Tikli
  • Minister of Oil: Mashallah Zwai
  • Minister of Social Affairs: Samira Ferjani
  • Minister of Tourism: Mabruk Ali

The three other ministers are Khalifa Ghwell, Mohamed Barghathi and Yousef Al-Zaidi. It is not clear if they have been given the Ministries of Defence, Interior and Health.

It was reported on Sunday that Hassi, a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, was having second thoughts about accepting his own appointment and was refusing to hand over his government choice to Congress. He has been under pressure from his own Hassa tribe to have nothing to do with the rump Congress.

It has been meeting in Tripoli but its spokesman Omar Hemidan refuses to divulge haw many people are attending its sessions.  There are reported that those members of the House of Representatives who are refusing to go to Tobruk on the basis that the HoR sessions there are illegal have also taken part in some Congress meetings.

Libya Herald

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