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Missile attacks west of Tripoli block route to Tunisia

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Roads from Tripoli heading west to the Tunisian border were effectively closed yesterday and today as Libya Shield West forces and their allies in Operation Libya Dawn bombarded positions in the Washefana area ahead of an anticipated push by Zintani forces back into the capital.

The Zintanis have said they intend to return to Tripoli because, they allege, the Misratans reneged on a deal under which both would withdraw from Tripoli.

The main coastal road next to the site of Camp 27, which was heavily fought over last month between Warshefana and Libya Dawn forces, had already been dug up by the former, forcing travellers to make major detours. The detours depend on the identity of the travellers.  Residents of Zawia have been forced to make a massive 100-kilometre detour around the Warshfana area when heading to Tripoli although they (but not their military leaders) were reported to be allowed to drive through Azziziya, a Washefana stronghold.

However, that road yesterday is now reported to be too dangerous to travel on.

There has been an irregular barrage of missiles said to be from the Janzour Fursan Brigade and Libya Shield West hitting the Warshefana area over the past two days. Early yesterday morning, four people – a father and his sons plus a neighbour were reported killed when a missile hit Enjila, south of Janzour. His wife and other children were seriously injured.

Missiles continued to land today in west Janzour as well as in Zahra, Maamoura and other the Washefana towns. There are reports injuries and deaths but no official figures. Warshefana families have been trying to leave for safety but say they have no where to go – that they dare not head to Zawia or Tripoli because they will be arrested.

Heavy clashes were also reported at the Camp 27 site today between forces from Zawia, the Janzour Forsan and Libya Shield West on one side and, on the other, the newly launched “tribal army” said to consist of forces from the Warshefana, Zintan, Tarhouna and Jadu, among others.

Near Gharian, too, there was said to be fighting between forces from Gharian and Zintan.

Article by Adjanin Mustafa, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.

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