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Libya Dawn accused of demolishing Warshefana homes

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Despite the government’s denunciation yesterday of the continuous shelling of the Warshefana area to the west of Tripoli by Libya Dawn forces and warnings from the UN that such action may constitute war crimes, there has been no let up in the attacks. There are reports of more people killed and injured today, but no figures have been disclosed as yet.

According to a member of the Warshefana Crisis Committee’s media office ­– in a move reminiscent of what happened to Tawergha – forces that are part of the Libya Dawn operation have now also started bulldozing homes in the district.

The claims cannot be verified.

In a further development, a leading Warshefana commander told the Libya Herald that there had been fierce clashes today with Zawia forces on the coast road and that a Zawia commander had been killed. Again, it is not possible to verify the claim nor another that the Warshefana are again in control of the Camp 27 area.

Yesterday, Operation Dawn said it had reopened the road.

Meanwhile, residents living in the western end of Janzour, near the Seyed area, are reported to have been evacuated two days ago because of the danger of missile strikes. According to one resident who fled to Tunisia earlier this week to escape the attacks, the evacuation was organised by the Warshefana after the death of 12 Warshefana residents in one day.

In a related move, Warshefana and Nalut have agreed to a prisoner exchange as a first step towards a peace agreement between the two places.

Libya Herald

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