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Warplane destroys Ghariyan ammo dump

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A warplane carried out an air strike today on a militia base near Ghariyan destroying an ammunition dump. The attack was claimed by Operation Dignity forces in Benghazi.

First reports said that the target was hit by missiles. However an unverified picture on social media shows a stick of bombs falling from what appears to be jet fighter.

Agencies quoted a spokesman for Libya Dawn saying that one person had been killed and five injured. Later LANA reported that there were only 18 people injured.

The assault was claimed by Dignity airforce commander,  Brigadier-General Saqr Geroushi. However there remain doubts that the planes he commands have either the range or the technology to deliver what appears to have been another accurate strike. Days before Libya Dawn forces took over Tripoli International Airport and Zintani militias were either forced or withdrew from the west of the capital, airstrikes hit Misrata Central Shield forces in Tripoli. These were blamed on the UAE, supported by Egypt.

Omar Al-Hassi, the prime minister appointed by the rump of the GNC did not  accuse the UAE this evening, when he condemned the attack. He warned however that attacks “by some countries” would only reinforce the determination of Dawn forces. He said that an investigation was being launched into this latest attack and he called on the international community to act in response to the violation of Libya’s sovereignty.

Libya Herald

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