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Ex-GNC member Kilani reported killed in Warshefana battle

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Sheikh Mohammed Al-Kilani, the controversial Islamist congressman from Zawia, is reported to have been killed today in fighting between Warshefana and Libya Dawn forces.

Kilani, who once ascribed the failure of the GNC to the lack of gender-segregation among members, was suspected of being involved in the kidnap of Ali Zeidan last year.  When protestors stormed the GNC this March, Kilani was allegedly beaten and briefly detained.

His death, if confirmed, comes little more than 24 hours after the wounding and capture of the leader of the Libyan Revolutionaries Operation Room (LROR), Shaaban Hadia Al-Zawi, better known as Abu Obeida, who has also been accused in involvement in Zeidan’s abduction.

Article by Ajnadin Mustafa, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.


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