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Rival governments deepen Libya chaos

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Libya’s House of Representatives turned down the proposed crisis government submitted by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani, Libya Herald reported Wednesday (September 17th).

The Tobruk-based lawmakers demanded the premier come up with a new, smaller cabinet by Saturday.

Meanwhile in Tripoli, the head of the Islamist-backed administration mandated by the General National Congress (GNC) has formed his own cabinet of 19 ministers and three vice-presidents.

On Monday night, Dr Omar al-Hassi appeared on the Nabaa news channel to demand that the international community recognise his unelected government. He also denounced the airstrikes on an Islamist militia base in Gharyan.

The chief of staff of the air force for Operation Dignity, Saqr Jeroshi, claimed responsibility for the airstrikes.

But Libyan citizens hoping for security, safety, and salaries are caught between two governments: one with a mandate from the House of Representatives and a small geographical area, the other with more terrain but without an elected body.

Lawyer Abu Bakr al-Sharif, a former prisoner of conscience in Kadhafi’s jails, said that given the current situation, work on the constitution should be suspended and a state of emergency declared.

Speaking about the return of the General National Congress to Tripoli, the mandate for which had expired, former lawmaker Abdul Qadir Huili said: “We came back at the request of the rebels.”

The official elected body set up in Tobruk — the House of Representatives – is having problems as well. Security concerns continue to hamper the official government’s activities.

A House of Representatives member for the city of Sabha, who does not attend the sessions in Tobruk, said at least 60 deputies were not travelling to the legislative meetings.

“There are also deputies outside the country for security reasons,” he said.

Article by Mohamed Trabelsi, Magharebia.

This article was originally published here.

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