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Libya’s parliament approves new government

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The new cabinet, approved on Monday, includes 13 ministers and three deputy prime ministers. The lawmakers rejected the previous line-up of 18 ministers, calling on Thani to pick a smaller team.

The government and the parliament are largely considered to be in a virtual exile in the eastern city of Tobruk due to widespread insecurity.

A militant group from the western city of Misrata captured the capital, Tripoli, in August and forced the elected parliament to move to the east of the country.

Thanni, who has been Libya’s acting prime minister since March, stood down after the June elections and the new parliament reappointed him at the beginning of September.

His administration has so far failed to restore law and order in Libya, which is still grappling with insecurity nearly three years after the fall of former dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, in a popular uprising.

A rival administration in Tripoli which is backed by militia groups from Misrata is making things even harder for the prime minister.

Libya has been witnessing numerous clashes between government forces and rival militant groups that refuse to lay down arms.

The armed militant groups are now turning their guns on each other in an attempt to dominate politics and the country’s vast oil resources.

Earlier this month, the head of the United Nations mission in Libya warned that rapidly deteriorating security and deepening political divisions have brought Libya “closer to the brink of protracted conflict and civil strife.”

Bernardino Leon also warned all parties “of the dangers of creating parallel political institutions and processes, which can only contribute to further division and polarization.”


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