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Masmari named official spokesperson for national army

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The Chief of Staff, Major-General Abul Razzaq Nazhuri, has appointed Colonel Ahmed Bouzeid Al-Masmari as the official spokesperson of the Libyan Armed Forces.

Also known as Bashir, Masmari will also serve as the official spokesperson for the Petroleum Border Guards (PFG).

Like Nazhuri, he was born in Marj in 1964. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Military Science and is also a researcher specialising in Libyan history.

For his part, Mohamed Al-Hejazi, the spokesman for Operation Dignity, has told the Libya Herald that he nonetheless remains in his post.

Operation Dignity was supposed to have been taken under the the Chief of Staff’s control when Nazhuri was appointed Chief of Staff last month. This was subsequently confirmed by the commander of Operation Dignity’s air forces Adam Saqr Geroushi. In reality, however, even though Nazhuri was an Operation Dignity commander, the two continue to exist side by side – much to the House of Representatives’ disapproval.  Some are calling for it to be wound up and fully integrated into the ares forces.

Meanwhile, according to a source within the military, Nazhuri visited Zintan last week to discuss the arming of local brigades in the area in order to “take back” Tripoli.

Libya Herald

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