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Libyans evaluate House of Representatives

Libyans are divided over the role of the parliament in taking their country out of its political and security crisis.

“The House of Representatives is a step in the right direction that can pull Libya out of its current dilemma,” blogger Ahlam Badri writes.

The country’s “representatives seek to pull together the homeland,” she says. Supporters of the democratic process are points of light in the dark tunnel, she notes.

“International recognition by the EU, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, and America adds to the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of the House of Representatives,” Badri argues.

“This is an entity that unites the base and gets Libya out of serious trouble in the absence of the state, army, police, security, and safety while parties are wrestling for their interests and the fabric of the nation is disintegrating into a blood stain. Tobruk is the starting point,” she continues.

She adds that Libyans are waiting for decisions to be taken by the deputies with the hopes that they will stop the bloodshed and unite the warring parties.

But for blogger Shoukri Medi, the partisan ideological struggle will continue within the walls of the parliament.

The House of Representatives will not be able to pull Libya out of its current crisis because it will eventually lean toward one party or another, he writes.

“Politically, we see how the House of Representatives has become up for grabs, and was dragged naively into the realm of political battles that would not have existed if it were not for regional and tribal interests,” he notes.

“Intransigence and attempts to polarise are the tools of a battle that were followed by scenes of bombing of rebel camps, then decimating the Saiqa compound. Polarisation is still high and feelings are still running strong even if people are silent and ignoring their military losses,” he explains.

He adds, “Reality will prove that the argument to drop the House of Representatives is waiting. Any time a winning party realises that this house is hostile toward its interests, the reaction will be to pound it.”

For his part, blogger Fathalla Sergewa criticises the way lawmakers are dealing with the issue of forming a new government.

He considers that MPs wasted a lot of time in choosing members of the government and disrupted its declaration.

He writes that the House of Representative needs to facilitate the work of the prime minister to resolve this situation.

“You should know that any delay in the launch of the government’s work has its negative effects on the catastrophic conditions of ordinary citizens,” he notes.

In his blog “Trables“, Ali Taweel stresses that the work of parliament must be accompanied by a peaceful civilian movement, away from the dredge of tribalism and the mentality of destruction and vandalism, drawing instead on the language of reason and dialogue, not terrorism and weapons, for the sake of everyone.

“Civil engagement in Libya requires the presence of a broad spectrum still missing in Libyan society, namely civilians,” he writes.

He explains that ignorance and tribalism rule, adding that Libyans continue to place their brother, cousin, tribe or neighbour as a priority in the resolution of any conflict, going as far as to start a war.

Article by Monia Ghanmi, Magharebia.

This article was originally published here.

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