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Bomb explodes inside Tobruk security perimeter

Tripoli, 28 October 2014: A car bomb exploded this morning in Tobruk, marking the first attack actually inside the town where the House of Representatives is currently based.

Explosives in the vehicle were detonated near the security headquarters. Though there have been reports on one person being injured, the authorities have been saying that no one was hurt in the blast. The explosion was said to have been heard over a wide area.

If the bomber managed to penetrate the tight police and army security ring  around the town with a vehicle containing explosives, it will shake those who had thought that Tobruk was well protected.

However it is possible that the car bomb was assembled in the town, perhaps using home-made explosives.

The only other attack on Tobruk, on the airbase outside the town happened in June. Five Grad rockets were fired remotely using a mobile telephone. All landed in open ground, two in the airbase itself and three close to nearby houses. There were no casualties and no serious damaged caused.

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