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Breaking news: Double bomb attacks in Tobruk and Beida

At least five soldiers have been killed with the number of casualties expected to rise in the coming hours following two deadly bomb attacks in the government held strongholds of Tobruk and Beida.

Mohamed Al-Hejazi, a spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA), told the Libya Herald that two car bombs had exploded in Tobruk on a busy road near the town’s petroleum institute. He said at least two soldiers had been killed in the blast. Hejazi could not give information on the number of civilian casualties which are expected to be much higher.

The explosions seem to have been caused in Tobruk by two remotely detonated car bombs and were not carried out by a suicide bomber, although the specific details remain unclear as new information continues to emerge, Hejazi said.

In Beida at least three soldiers were killed and 12 injured, some critically, after another car bomb exploded at the south gate of the town’s Labraq airbase, 30 kilometres from Beida. Hejazi said in this case a suicide bomber had caused the blast.

Telecommunications to Tobruk seem to have been disrupted in the aftermath of the attack. Attempts by the Libya Herald to reach residents in the town were unsuccessful.

Article by Maha Suliman, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.

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