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Former GNC voting bloc refuses to attend if GNC reconvenes

The 94 members of the former General National Congress (GNC) who often voted as a bloc have formally announced their refusal to answer the call of some GNC members to convene today.

Among the confusion and chaos of the Libyan political scene, these 94 members published a statement on yesterday stating their refusal and declaring their recognition of the current elected House of Representatives (HoR) as the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

However, only 23 of the 94 members of the voting bloc actually signed the statement.

“We are all in contact with one another,” former GNC member Abdullah Ghamati told the Libya Herald, “However, many of us are stuck in areas under the control of the Libya Dawn militias. Although it has not been possible for us to personally visit everyone, especially due to the fear of the militias, each member has informed us of their approval of the statement.”

The group considers the attempt at reviving the former GNC to be an aggressive act against the will of the Libyan people who elected a new legitimate body. The statement disowned any decisions that might be taken by some members who try to revive the Congress.

Notably, most of the members who signed the statement are from the eastern side of Libya, giving the impression that the HoR has more support in the east than in the west of Libya.

The members who signed the statement include:

1- Ezziddin Al-Awami (Marj)

2- Abdulmonem Al-Yaser (Khoms)

3- Abubaker Abdulkhader Rujbani (Rujban)

4- Suad Sultan (Tripoli)

5- Fatma Majbri (Jalu)

6- Halima Abdulmatloob (Bani Walid)

7- Abdel-Hamid Al-Khanjari  (Batin Al-Jabel)

8- Olaa Sanussi  (Tripoli)

9- Ali Rofahi Zubi (Al-Abyar)

10- Zeinab Al-Targhi (Beida)

11- Najah Salooh (Beida)

12- Abdullah Ghamati (Gemenis)

13- Najem-Eldin Namer (Soluq)

14- Abdulkareem Jayash (Shahat)

15- Abdulhafeed Al-Daigh (Beida)

16- Abdul Sadeq Swediq (Tobruk)

17- Othman Idris Akram (Tobruk)

18- Abdulalli Anur El-Dresi (Qasr Libya)

19- Sherif Al-Wafi (Marj)

20- Juma Al-Sayeh (Al-Nasiriya)

21- Salem Bu Janat (Tocra)

22- Tawfiq Al-Shahibi (Tobruk)

23- Mohamed Bitru (Zintan)

Article by Ali Salem, Libya Herald.

This article was originally published here.

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