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HoR says Operation Dignity under National Army

The House of Representatives (HoR) has again confirmed that it has legitimised Khalifa Hafter’s Operation Dignity and that it operates under the Chief of Staff Major-General Abdul Razzaq Nazhuri.

The HoR has in fact been formally allied with Operation Dignity since August when it appointed Nazhuri, one of  Hafter’s deputies, as Chief of Staff.

The appointment of Nazhuri was seen as controversial at the time. From Marj, Nazhuri was one of seven candidates considered for the post by the House of Representatives. Khalifa Hafter was not on the list because of concerns about his past and that he would be too divisive.

In a statement released on Sunday, the government said that the war it was fighting was a “war on terrorism, not only on behalf of (the Libyan) people, but for the free world, human values, and principles of true religion”.

The statement went on to say that the government was “looking to the international community” for acknowledgement of the difficult situation it has found itself in in its battle against terrorism on Libyan soil, but insisted that it would not allow any foreign intervention.

Reaffirming its absolute support of the Chief of Staff and the national army, the government also said that it was committed to seeing the approval of the Libyan constitution through a referendum, and state institutions built up. Once the constitution had been established, it would ensure a peaceful transfer of power to an elected parliament, the HoR said.

The HoR has repeatedly said that it is opposed to foreign intervention in Libyan affairs, yet it has earnestly sought “support” from the international community. This is seen as an appeal to legal action, such as sanctions, even blockades of ports, by the international community.

Both the United Nations and the United States have said that they are considering placing sanctions on “terrorist” groups and individuals, but this has not yet happened.  The UN’s Special envoy, Bernardino Leon, is reported to have given himself until the end of the year to try and get dialogue going.  It if does not happen by then it is thought that will be the point at which sanctions are imposed on those seen blocking a resolution to the country’s political divisions.

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