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Car bomb explodes outside Adjabiya Security Directorate

A car bomb has exploded outside Ajdabiya’s Security Directorate headquarters, just weeks after double bomb attacks in Tobruk and Beida.

Three people were apparently injured in the blast, according to the Buwabat Al-Wasat news outlet which reported speaking to a witness at the scene. Reports on social media, however, claimed there were no casualties.

Several cars parked nearby were destroyed and a building damaged.

The car bomb exploded this morning in a car park within the perimeters of the Security Directorate complex. It is not yet clear whether or not the explosives were detonated remotely. Images circulating on social media this morning showed black smoke billowing from the remains of the burning vehicle.

Some local people said they suspected Ansar Al-Sharia could be behind the explosion, as the attack seemed typical of the sort of operations it was known to carry out. Incidents of car bombs and assassinations previously frequent in Benghazi and Derna now appear to be spreading to other eastern towns. Just four days ago, Air Force commander Colonel Abdul Majid Kaseh Al-Zwai was shot dead in Ajdabiya.

It is thought the recent spate of attacks in other towns could be a reaction to the Libyan Army’s ongoing operations in Benghazi.

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