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Hassi administration condemns Zuwara airstrikes, slams international support

The Tripoli-based administration of Omar Al-Hassi has condemned the LNA airstrikes on Zuwara which yesterday left eight people reported dead and more injured. There was another reported today.

“We can’t understand these nonsense missions where they bomb food-stores, schools, hospitals and airports,” head of the foreign media department and de facto spokesperson for the administration Jamal Zubia told the Libya Herald. “They said they bombed Zuwara because of weapons but the photos showed only bags of flour, oil and tomatoes, not weapons.”

He said the strikes had killed two truck drivers from Ajilat who were there to pick up flour, as well as some five sub-Saharan Africans who were employed to work in the warehouse. Local media reported that six warehouse employees were killed.

Zubia slammed foreign support for the powers in the east and their allies in the west, saying: “The international community are supporting them – but how can they support such crazy guys?”

Libya Herald

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