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Zuwarah reports fresh attack, claims plane destroyed

The Western town of Zuwarah has reported another airstrike today, targeting the town’s port, and local media claim the military plane that conducted the attack ended up in the sea.

Reports on the fate of the plane have yet to be confirmed but one local radio station said it had “fallen into the sea.” Residents said they heard heavy gunfire from the ground during the morning when the plane was seen circling over the town, prior to the attack on the port.

“There was a loud noise and then people started shouting Allahu akbar and we could hear fireworks coming from the direction of the port,” one local resident told the Libya Herald. She added that the plane had reportedly hit one target near the port and said smoke could be seen rising from some distance away.

The Tripoli-based news agency LANA reported that the port had been bombed but said nothing about the fate of the plane.

Yesterday, airstrikes conducted by the Libyan National Army that hit a warehouse in the town left at least seven people dead and more injured.

Libya Herald

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