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Egyptian Foreign Ministry issues warning to Egyptians living in Libya

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has urged Egyptians living and working in Libya to stay indoors and take extra precautions in the aftermath of the last week’s abductions of Egyptian Coptic Christians in Sirte.  However, it is  also looking at ways that Egyptians  can leave the country.

The Foreign Ministry has said that it is working with Libyan contacts to try to determine the whereabouts of those who were abducted, adding that much of Libya is outside of state control which makes investigating the abduction more difficult.

The Foreign Ministry has continued to warn Egyptians about the dangers of working in Libya at this time. Some Egyptians, most notably Egyptian activist Dalia Ziada, are publicly calling for the Egyptian government to prevent Egyptians from traveling to Libya.

Meanwhile, the residents of Samalout in upper Egypt have planned a demonstration tomorrow in front of the Foreign Ministry building in Cairo. All 20 of the men abducted in Libya were from Samalout, a predominantly Coptic village in the Minya district of southern, or upper, Egypt.

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