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New LNA air attacks on Misrata and south of Zawia


Libya National Army planes again attacked Misrata this morning. They also attacked targets at Al-Agarbiya near Al-Jmail in the west of the country.

According to pro-Libya Dawn media, the Misrata raid, the second in two days, saw LNA aircraft again targeted the LISCO iron and steel works but did no damage. However, General Staff spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari told the Libya Herald that oil tanks in west Misrata had been hit in the operation. They had been targeted, he said, because one of the tanks contained aviation fuel used by Libya Dawn aircraft used in the attack on Sidra oil terminal.

The oil tank strike has not been verified.

LNA aircraft are also said to have again targeted the military aviation academy at Misrata airport. At least one commercial flight was cancelled as a result, an airport official said. However, the airport was otherwise operating normally, he added.

According to LNA sources, today’s air strike at Al-Agarbiya targeted a weapons store. However, pro-Libya Dawn media claim that one of the LNA bombs hit a primary school.

In any event, the operation suggests that fresh supplies of aviation fuel have been delivered to Wattiya airbase. There were no LNA airstrikes in yesterday’s clashes in the area between Libya Dawn units from Zawia attempting to move towards Wattiya airbase and Zintani forces linked to the LNA.

It is also reported that LNA aircraft today bombed a vessel heading to Derna harbour. One pro-Libya Dawn report claims that it was a tanker carrying fuel to Derna power station and that a Greek national was killed and two Filipinos wounded. Another report claims the boat was carrying weapons to Islamists in the town.

However, LNA sources in Beida have denied any such strike.

It has not yet been possible to verify any of the statements.


Jamal Adel.


Libya Herald


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