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Leon Meets Libyan Stakeholders, Seeks Freeze in Hostilities, Launch of Political Dialogue Very Soon

Tripoli, 09 January 2015 – In the framework of efforts to resolve Libya’s political and security crisis, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Bernardino Leon, held discussions with Libyan stakeholders Thursday 08 January 2015 on ways to end the hostilities and convene political dialogue.

In Tobruk and in Tripoli, Leon met with main stakeholders who are expected to take part in the proposed dialogue. In both stops, the Special Representative stressed the need to convene the second round of political dialogue very soon with a view to stopping the country’s slide towards deeper conflict and economic collapse.

Leon said: “The majority of the Libyan people want peace. They should not be held hostage by a small minority that sees that it can win this conflict militarily,” Leon said. “It is important that this dialogue between the Libyan parties start very soon.”

Leon warned that time was running out, and the more delay in tackling the country’s political and security crisis the more difficult it will be to reach a solution that will end the fighting, restore political and state institutional unity and revive the economy. He proposed a freeze in hostilities for a short period of time to create a conducive environment for holding the dialogue.

In Al-Marj, Leon met with General Khalifa Haftar as part of efforts to de-escalate the military situation.

“The United Nations considers that it is extremely important to freeze fire, to stop the fighting, so that this political dialogue can start on sound basis,” Leon said.

Leon said General Haftar reacted positively to the UN proposal and will discuss it with his team.

In Tripoli, Leon also met with commanders of armed brigades from the City of Misrata, who said they will consider the UN proposal to freeze hostilities.

The Special Representative stressed that sincere efforts by all Libyans are needed in order to end the conflict before it is too late.

“Libyans need to unite and work towards resolving their differences if they want to save their country, its people, resources, infrastructure and state institutions from further pain and destruction, and to be effective in combating terrorism,” Leon said. “The United Nations will continue to facilitate the efforts for the resumption of the political process to achieve the Libyans’ quest for peace and stability.

United Nations Support Mission in Libya

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