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Thinni in Zintan military operations talks

The Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni, Interior Minister Omar Al-Sinki and acting Defence Minister Masoud Erhuma were in Zintan today for talks with local military and political leaders. According to government spokesman Mohamed Bezaza, the aims of the talks was to identify the needs in the area as well as the Zintani forces’ military requirements.

According to a local official, however, the talks also covered the LNA’s plans to take Tripoli.

The visit followed yesterday’s exchange of prisoners between Zintan and Kikla, which the Zintanis took in November.

It is the first time Thinni has been to Zintan since his government moved to Beida. During the visit he, together with Sinki and Erhuma went to Bir Ghanem to inspect positions there while the chairman and deputy chairman of House of Representatives’ Defence Committee who had flown with the Prime Minister to Zintan visited Wattiya airbase.

The visit was meant to be secret, the Libya Herald was told. That, however, proved impossible to enforce.

Another supposedly secret meeting this week was that of the Chief of Staff, Major General Abdul-Razaq Nazhuri to Tunis. He was there for talks with Tunisian officials on security cooperation. The talks are said to have focused on border control, Tunisian support for Libya in fighting terrorism, and joint efforts to prevent Tunisians joining the ranks of Ansar Al-Sharia and Daesh in Libya or using Libya as a transit route to join jihadists elsewhere.

Libya Herald

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