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EP calls for unconditionl ceasefire in Libya

The European Parliament Thursday srongly condemned the sharp escalation of violence in Libya and gave strong support to the UN-brokered talks in Geneva aimed at ensuring reconciliation and national unity.
In a resolution voted today, the EP called on all sides in Libya to commit to an unconditional ceasefire and take part in the national dialogue process under the auspices of the UN Special Representative for Libya, Bernardino Lأ©on.
“There is no military solution to the conflict, it stressed, warning that destructive chaos on the model of Syria and Iraq would affect the whole region.
It called on the EU to support the UN-led efforts by immediately enacting targeted sanctions against those responsible for violence and human rights violations, as well as for boycotting the UN sponsored talks.
Libya’s neighbours and regional players must refrain from actions which might exacerbate current divisions and undermine Libya’s democratic transition, it said.
In a separate resolution, the EP expressed concern at the on-going restrictions to freedom of expression, association and assembly, political pluralism and the rule of law in Egypt.
The resolution calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience and underlines the importance of Egypt’s role in ensuring peace and stability in the Mediterraneanregion and in the Middle East and condemn the recent terrorist attacks in the Sinai Peninsula.


Kuwait News Agency

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