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EU Warns Spoilers of Evasive Dialogue Process in Libya

Brussels— European Union foreign ministers warned Monday the “spoilers” of the evasive “dialogue process” that is being sponsored by the United National in Libya saying it would be willing to take restrictive measures against them.

The EU said in a statement it is ready to introduce “restrictive measures against spoilers of the dialogue process in line with UNSCR 2174 which allows for the listing of individuals who threaten the peace, stability or security in Libya, or who undermine its political transition”

“Those responsible for violence and those who obstruct or undermine Libya’s democratic transition must face consequences for their actions,” it added.

Libya’s internationally recognized government has always demanded, in vain, that these measure should be applied against the leaders Islamist extremist militias who attacked and destroyed the Tripoli International Airport and took control of the capital Tripoli since July 2014.

When they lost the parliamentarian elections in June of 2014, the extremists resorted to violence by attacking government institutions and public facilities. This have since paved the way for Al Qaeda and IS terrorist organizations to expand to Tripoli and other parts of Libya.

The statement said “terrorism has no place in the future of a peaceful and democratic Libya. The EU is concerned by evidence of increased activity of terrorist and extremist groups and recognizes the potential threat that these groups present to the future stability of the country, region and the EU”.

The EU also called on “external parties to refrain from actions that might exacerbate current divisions and undermine Libya’s democratic transition, to strictly respect the arms embargo, and to fully support the UN-led dialogue process”.

At the end the statement said “the EU remains strongly committed to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya”.

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