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GNC fires back at EU talks warning: conditions must be met

The General National Congress (GNC) has told the European Union (EU) parliament that the only way out of the current political crisis is through ‘peaceful means’ and ‘serious, constructive political dialogue’, which can only be achieved if certain conditions are met.

The EU warned yesterday that it stands ready to introduce restrictive measures against any groups or individuals who attempt to “spoil” the dialogue or obstruct democracy.

In an open letter from GNC president Nuri Abu Sahmain, the rump congress said that to make the dialogue successful, the 6 November 2014 Supreme Court ruling the 25 June 2014 HoR election law invalid must be respected. Furthermore, the GNC said that the principles of the 17 February Revolution must be upheld.

The GNC also laid out a list of “guarantees” necessary to the success of the talks. It said that international partners must commit to implementing the outcomes of the dialogue.

The group also said that participants must agree upon a security plan in cooperation with the “legitimate” General Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army for the protection of the outcomes of the dialogue. Foreign military intervention must be rejected.

Moreover, institutions, such as the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), the Audit Bureau and the National Oil Corporation (NOC) must be neutralised and distanced from the political conflict.

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