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Warshefana demand justice for human rights abuses

Representatives of the Warshefana have called for a fact-finding commission to investigate crimes perpetrated against members of the tribe by armed groups during the recent conflict.

The Warshefana say they have been subject to human rights abuses, vandalism, looting, arson and displacement.

In a statement issued last week, the elders and the Shura Council of the Warshefana called for action on Resolution 957 of 2014, issued by the Minister of Justice, which authorised the formation of a fact-finding commission. The leaders said that the failure to act on it and punish perpetrators of violence had led to further violence against the Warshefana. They called for the punishment of all perpetrators, expressing concern that because of the present situation they might not face justice.

The Warshefana leaders presented a list of demands. These include full access for the commission to victims of crimes, as well as open lines of communication between the commission, the Shura Council, the elders, the victims, civil society institutions and human rights activists. They also want a detailed report of the findings of the commission.

Additionally, they called on the House of Representatives (HoR) and the Human Rights Council to be more involved in investigating crimes against the Warshefana. They asked that the HoR send their findings on to international forums and human rights organisations.

However, the Warshefana leaders also criticised the HoR, the government and the media for not condemning the violence in Warshefana areas and bringing it to the public’s attention.

They called on international groups and human rights organisations to document and monitor human rights abused and war crimes.

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