Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Leon tells Thinni that UN is neutral

United Nations Special Envoy Bernadino Leon has told Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni that he and the UN are neutral in the Libyan crisis and that he was committed to working with all sides to find a solution that brings stability to Libya.

Leon had phoned Thinni to offer his condolences after suicide bombers killed over 40 people in Guba on Friday.

His declaration follows accusations that he and the UN, as well as the Americans and British, were supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hassi regime in the present crisis.

It is reported that during the call, Thinni told Leon that the Libyan National Army (LNA) was alone in fighting terrorism in Libya and desperately needed fresh supplies of weapons which were being blocked because of the arms embargo. The terrorists, the other hand, were constantly being re-supplied through the ports and airports they control, he said.

Thinni also expressed his concern that the UK and the US wanted to include extremist groups in the dialogue process and a possible unity government. Thinni said that while he was convinced that the dialogue process was crucial in finding a solution in Libya, the inclusion of extremists would be destructive, and would prolong the crisis.

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