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Leading Benghazi assassin reported arrested

A man is reported to have been arrested in Benghazi, charged with the assassination in December 2013 of Colonel Kamal Bazaza, head of military intelligence in the city, and in May last year of the editor of the Benghazi newspaper Burniq, Muftah Awad Buzid.

The suspect has been named as Nuri al-Obeidi, a resident of the city’s Ras Obeida district. He is also accused of the murder of 28 other people.

No details have been revealed as to when he was arrested nor how the authorities discovered his identity.

He is said to have admitted the killings of Bazaza and Buzid. The latter was shot dead on Benghazi’s Istiqlal Street while on his way to work. The former died when his car blew up, also in Istiqlal Street. Obeidi, believed to be in his 20s, is reported to have disclosed that he shadowed Bazaza for three days before attaching the bomb to his vehicle.

He is said to have claimed that the killing was ordered by Ramadan Al-Rabaie, listed by the Saiqa Brigade last July as a member of Ansar Al-Sharia and living in Leithi district. He said that he had been blackmailed by Rabie into carrying them out.

He has also allegedly admitted to killing in September 2012 Sheikh Akram Saleh Al-Drissi, the imam of the Argam Ben Abi Al-Argam mosque in Ras Obeida, its muezzin Moutaz Al-Sharif and 26 other religious figures and political activists.

Following the arrest, Obeidi’s home was set on fire.

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