Sunday , 5 April 2020
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More rival airstrikes – first on Zintan, then on Mitiga

A tit-for-tat pattern of air strikes appears to be emerging between the Air Force and Libya Dawn aircraft.

This morning there was an attack by a rebel aircraft on Zintan airport, the second in eight days. This afternoon there was another government raid on Mitiga Airport, where flights were again disrupted for around an hour.

The Dawn strike appears to have been the more effective, knocking out the runway lighting system at Zintan. The airport announced that it would not be operational this evening.

In Tripoli, a single government aircraft made a high pass over Mitiga, greeted by what one eye witness told the Libya Herald appeared to be wildly random anti-aircraft fire, which continued for some time after the plane had departed.

Two loud explosions were heard. The airport said later that two bombs or rockets, it did not make clear which, had exploded harmlessly well away from the airport building runway. The witness said that the attack plane appeared to come in from the north-west, over the sea. This might indicate that it had taken off from Al-Wattiya airbase, south of Al-Jmail.

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