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HoR asks for postponement of UN-led Libya dialogue for one week

The House of Representatives (HoR) has asked that the next round of the UN-led Libyan dialogue scheduled for tomorrow in Morocco be postponed for a week.

The reason given for the requested postponement is to enable the HoR dialogue committee to consult further with HoR members.

In reality, it is believed that HoR members were keen to get more feedback from the dialogue committee on the Morocco talks, but also to try and reach agreement on the proposed names for a national unity government.

The powers, the length of time in power and the relationship of the agreed unity government to the HoR, were also points of discussion.

Although some allegedly proposed names have been mentioned in the media, neither side have confirmed them.

Despite reports alleging that the GNC team were pushing for either former National Transitional Council member Ahmed Al-Abbar or former Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur – both dialogue delegates – for the post of Prime Minister, no candidates’ names were mentioned in Saturday’s talks, Al-Sharif Al-Wafi had told Libya Herald.

It is also believed that some HoR members are also worried that the UN might pressure their dialogue committee into accepting a government that the HoR might find unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the head of the HoR dialogue committee, HoR member Abubaker Baera, said in a press conference today that the national unity government prime minister and deputies to be agreed upon with the GNC-Libya Dawn faction should represent Libya politically and geographically.

He also said there should be no role for militia leaders, former political party leaders or any one linked to the past political failures that have brought Libya to where it stands today.

Meanwhile, Omar Hemidan, speaker of the GNC and one of its delegates to the dialogue talks, expressed GNC unhappiness at the talks in a press conference today.

Hemaidan accused the HoR of obstructing the political dialogue. Furthermore, he said that Bernardino Leon and the UN were not treating GNC with the proper respect it deserves as Libya’s only legislature and ignoring the Constitutional court ruling of last November.

He blamed the other side (HoR) of making problems worse by appointing Hafter as General Commander of the HoR Libyan National Army and by asking the UN for permission to import arms.

“The other party (HoR) is not willing to find a political solution to the crisis or submit an initiative for a peaceful transition of power.” He added.

Hamidan said that ‘’the GNC noticed several times that the UNSMIL was not impartial and didn’t treat both sides equally’’.

“The GNC urges UNSMIL to be impartial and show full transparency in dealing with the Libyan crisis.” He said. He stressed that the GNC adopts an inclusive and peaceful solution to the crisis, based on to the constants and principals which had been announced before.

“There should be guarantees to the dialogue, and the unity government should be formed under the umbrella of a legislative body that protects the sovereignty of Libya and monitors and gives confidence to it.” He clarified.

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