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Eight Representatives end their HoR boycott

Eight members of the House of Representatives who had previously been boycotting the body returned to Tobruk yesterday, the pro HoR LANA news agency reported.

LANA has published the names of the eight representatives:

  1. Jamal-Al-Usta – Tajura
  2. Abdullah Al-Lafi – Zawia
  3. Siddig Hamuda – Sug il Juma
  4. Ali Al-Tikali – Ain Zara
  5. Musbah Doma – Sebha
  6. Abdulgader Hiba – Ghadames
  7. Aisha Shalabi – Zawia
  8. Sara Swayah – Janzur

The Representatives had chosen to boycott the HoR for eight months and the event of their return was surprisingly greeted with minimal fanfare or comment from either side of the political divide.

Representative Luai Al-Ghawy, for one, welcomed the new arrivals saying ‘’I welcomed the return of my colleagues. They are, despite the differences in opinions and views, brothers and colleagues. All politicians, activists, political parties, journalists and the public must stand together in order to save our injured nation’’.

Technically speaking, the Representatives have been away so long that according to internal regulations they will almost certainly have forfeited their seats.

However, it is very unlikely that they would have taken the brave step of turning up at Tobruk without prior arrangement and agreement that they would be allowed to take up their seats.

Moreover, with the state of political affairs that the HoR and Libya as a whole finds itself in, they could do with as much political support and legitimacy as they can get.

Equally, it is very unlikely that the returnees would have taken their difficult political decision without consultation and the approval of their constituencies. Their return must therefore, be seen as a positive step and hopefully one that could indicate at least the shoots of an atmosphere of national Libyan reconciliation.

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