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Benghazi is sixth most dangerous city in world in new crime index

Only five cities in the world are more dangerous than Benghazi, according to a new crime index post on Numbeo.  

Benghazi scored a 84.37 on the index, with only Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Rustenburg and Pietermaritzburg (both South Africa), Guatemala City and Caracas (Venezuela) fairing worse.  The index covers 448 cities in the world.

According to the Numbeo website, “Crime Index is an estimation of overall level of crime in a given city or a country. Crime levels up to 50 are reasonable, and crime index levels more than 100 are too high.”

Benghazi has witnessed increasing levels of violence in the years since the 2011 revolution, with assassinations becoming a somewhat common occurrence.  In 2014 there were over 230 assassinations or attempts in the city.  Furthermore, violent clashes between the Libyan National Army and Ansar Al-Sharia since May 2014 have driven many from their homes and resulted in numerous civilian casualties.

Tripoli comes in at 177th place out of 448. Derna and Sirte, being too small for the study, are not mentioned.

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