Monday , 4 March 2024
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DCAF has updated the Libyan legal database

DCAF has completed a substantial upgrade of the Libyan legal database. The layout has been redone and significant new functionalities have been implemented, among them are:

  • Responsive design which caters to all our users on tablets and smartphones;
  • A list of most viewed texts;
  • A publication section with DCAF’s publication relevant to the Libyan security sector;
  • Direct links between Marsad Libya (DCAF’s security sector observatory) and the legal database, enabling users to connect news and legal developments in an easy way;
  • Thematic folders containing collections of news, legal texts, DCAF publications, and short introductory notes;
  • Database statistics available to the user to gauge the total content of the database;

Since its creation in April 2014, the Libyan legal database has grown substantially. The website has more than 5’400 visits per month (and continues to grow steadily) and the Facebook page has more than 40k followers.

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