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Libya crises is a security and legitimacy crises – not a political crises: Thinni

Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah Thinni has a different analysis of the Libyan situation to that of the international community.

The Prime Minister representing the House of Representatives (HoR), the only internationally recognized parliament in Libya, said that the Libyan crises was a crises of security and legitimacy and not a political crises.

Thinni was speaking in an interview earlier this week with Alhadath News in Tunis during his extended visit there where he had held a number of political and diplomatic meetings.

The government continues to be in contact with external parties, Thinni said. ”The government is discussing with the other parties the support of the (pro House of Representatives (HoR) army in the face of the terrorist threat of Daesh (IS) and outlaws’’, he added expressing his frustration at the continued international arms embargo imposed by the UN.

Moreover, Thinni continued to make the linkage and set a precedent between the Libyan and Yemeni situation adding: ‘‘I think that what is happening in Yemen is hastening intervention in Libya through the support and arming of the legitimate government’’.

”The Houthis in Yemen are Libya Dawn in Libya’’, Thinni continued stressing the similarity and linkage between the two situations.

”We believe and affirm that the Libyan crisis is a crisis of security and legitimacy of the (Libyan) state and not a political crisis as is promoted by (the UN’s Bernardino) Leon and the British Ambassador (Michael Aron)’’, he added clearly stating his disagreement with the assessment of the Libyan crises by the international community.

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